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While not a concern to the majority of our users, if you feel you are being watched or just want to be sure your contact with us is obfuscated, please download or purchase our Kloud Drive or Kloud Kryptonite packages.

If you require something available quickly, at minimum, download the Tor Browser.

Please see Before You Buy for more information on staying secure.
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KloudKover: Ground to Kloud Security
KloudKover products are all designed with the sole purpose of protecting individuals' privacy and freedom of speech. The design goal achieved was to provide products that would be familiar to individuals who use MS Windows on a daily basis. KloudKover starts at your desktop with the Kloud Drive and Kryptonite. Either can be run from MS Windows with a single klick. For those requiring protection from a kompromised computer, we also provide the Kloud Host.
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